Printing Report with 2 copies

I’m printing a report with 2 copies. If the report has more lines than fit on one page the remaining lines will be printed on page 2. However this is another copy. What I want is that first page 1 will be printed twice and than page 2 printed twice. Now it is printed as follows: page 1, page 2, page 1, page 2. It has to be: page 1, Page 1, page 2, page 2. Has somebody a solution for me.

Any particular reason for having this order??

It concerns an invoice. The customer gets 2 copies, a white and a pink copy.

Hi Remco Sorry for being a non-developer butting in, but is there a good reason for not using hte invoice copies field against the csutomer (Invoicing tab) assuming it is in your version?

Not the No of copies is the problem, but the way they are printed. First page 1 original, page 1 copy, page 2 original and finally page 2 copy.

Hi Remco Oh I see, can you not then have two reports under the reports selection for invoice and point them at different printers (or tray’s - is that possible [xx(] don’t think so). One printer containing the pink page another the white, or is it that the paper is sorted into the printer white/pink/white/pink, etc? Just trying a non-developers way around the problem!

Hi Ramco, Steven is right, u need to have two reports.Create a new invoice report (copy od existing one).ristrict the first report not to print more than 10 lines. and the second report to print from 11th line.And select these two reports in the report selection. regards, Lakshmi

I didn’t tried… but did you try just printing one copy and using the windows printer selection form (the standard windows one) for setting the number of copies?? i think that was working for what you’re pretending…yup… it works unless you say the printer to collate … easy and not having to code anything on that… :slight_smile:

Steven… the way exposed on my previous post works fine. When choosing the printer, choose to make two copies on the standard microsoft windows printer selection form. It will create the pages in the way page1, page1, page2, page2 unless you set the property collate pages to be activated. Just remember not to send copies from navision itself… or you’ll get 8 pages instead of 4 :slight_smile: Regards