Printing report on a different printer

Hi I have a report which has many columns to be printed so i set the orientation prop to landscape and the report is fine on A4 size paper. But when i want to print on another printer whose paper size is B4, if i leave the orientation as landscape the report is spanning two pages and is printing from the middle of the page, on the other if i set the orientation to genral or portrait, the print is not showing up all the columns that were defined in the design mode. Is there anything the i’m missing. Thanx in adv. Kumar

hi kumar, i think there is no way that we cud arive a simple solution for this. but u can do a work around like providing an option for the printer in the request form and then declaring different sections for each printer option. Depending upon the option…u can use currreport.showoutput funtion to display the sections. anyone have some easy solution pls.let me know. bye TAA