Printing Report(2009 Morphx Report) in Different Formats(A4, A3 , Letter )

Hi team ,

I have one requirement in the Printing Report (Morphx Report )

Report : Purchase Order Report

i want print this report Different Formats like A4, A3, Letter (Fit page Size according to the given size )

if i select the A4 size paper then it Should be come with A4 (It should be Fit page Size with A4)

same report if I select A3 paper size then it Should be come with A3 (It should be Fit page with A3)

if select Letter paper Size then it should be come with Letter Size (It should be fit Page with Letter )

is there any option one report with different page sizes with it should be fit in Page according to paper size

It should be possible to either create one dynamic design, or to create several optimized designs and choose between them at runtime.