Printing problem in Terminal Service with XP

Hi, My company is running SQL option for Navision. I am using Terminal Server. The OS of Server is the W2K standard server. For new site installation, I had used XP client instead. My printer is HP 1200 LaserJet printer. When I logged into Navision Attain, I can print document without problem at the beginning. When more people logged into and out of the server, the system log of Window said the spooler with problem. The error code is 1105 and 1106. I need to restart the spooler service and click out all users logged on after the message disapppeared. The problem occurs quite often, once in a few hours. But no problem if less users logon (for example 3 to 4 users). Otherwise, I can’t print anything as the security setup of the printer has been messed. I guess the problem is not from Navision. I thing the problem should be from either rdp (XP client using rdp5.1 instead of rdp5) or printer driver (window knowledge base shows some problem with HP desktop printer in the XP workstation).The printer driver is PCL5e in the server. Although XP provide another driver for printer in Window, it is not compatible with W2K server. Hope someone can tell me what’s gone wrong. Thank you in advance. Richard

The topic is still without an answer …

HI, I guess you use the printer-driver for the HP1200 which comes with XP. Try to change the driver on the XP PC to HP LaserJet 4 or 5. It is not PCL5e but it works … Ernst

Hi, I found out some suggestion from microsoft web-site regarding to this issue. However, I still struggle with other printing problem in the Terminal Server. I hope navision can provide some information about this issue, or printing problem with Terminal Server. Richard

This is a common issue with both TS and Citrix metaframe. The win2K TS server must have the printer driver installed locally and you should have your systems administrator refresh your TS profile on the effected TS machines.

Thanks for reply. Just updating the development. My client installed same HP OEM driver in both server and client. Show no error code 1111 is shown, which means no match driver can be found. However, the problem still happens. So they temporarily set the spooler reset in an interval. Although this method is not a good method, it solves the problem. I still hope someone can provide a better solution. By the way, I found out another problem, which can be found in the KB in Microsoft, like the printout from user A was printed in user B’s printer occasionally. However, the solution provided in the KE is not work. I really hope Navision can provide more information about terminal server as they are included in Microsoft. And the terminal server will be very hot as development of internet technology.

Question : if your start and stop your spooler-service on a specific times, are you loosing any documents in the queue ? Nico

Nico, you are right. It may happen. However, it is the only way to solve the problem at the moment. So the interval cannot be either too long and too short.