Printing PRN File on Windows 2000 Professional

I found a rather cool freebie called printfile which allows you to print a PRN file to any printer. The utility can be downloaded from this URL : Now is there any way to achieve the same thing without this tiny piece of software ? I vaguely recall that I was able to print PRN file (some 5 years ago usin Win95) just by dragging and dropping the PRN to the Windows printer Icon. Is it still possible to do that ? Do I need to set anything special in Windows to achieve this ? ###### Tarek Demiati Freelance Navision Developer Email : Phone : + 65 - 906 787 16

[It is possible. It is only the “raw data” it will be come out. Settings etc. is controled by the actual printer at the moment your document is beeing activated. If your customer wishes to re-design forms, reports etc. Change his manual pre-printed forms to electronic forms, you have to you LaserNet.