Printing Non-Inventory Items on Pick List

We want to print a non-inventory item number on the pick list for the distribution center to pick and ship. However, we do not want the quantity picked and shipped to be deduct from the inventory because the item is not an inventory item. Also, we want a specific item number attached to the a finished goods item. For example, if we put Item A on the Sales Order, and Item B is attached to Item A, the pick list will show Item A and Item B. When come to deducting inventory, only Item A is deducted from the inventory. How do we set it up?

I was thinking about Kit BOM and/or Phantom BOM.

Please advise. Thank you very much for your help.

How can you pick an item that you do not have on inventory?


Read HELP on Nonstock Items - it explains rather well what are they for and how used - it’s rather long text to reproduce here.

In short - as soon as you want to include Nonstock Item in some document, Navision will create a normal Item from it. So, normally Nonstock Items table usually holds lengthy Vendor’s catalogues you don’t want to enter in Items, unless needed, but still want them handy to choose goods for ordering.