Printing NCR reports

Hello, We have a client that is printing multi-part documents with different color pages. NCR paper comes white,yellow,pink sheet and so on. Navision will print OK to this as long as the document doesn’t exceed the first sheet of paper. When the first sheet is exceeded we need to print another white sheet, but in our case the printer grabs the yellow and then the color scheme is messed up. I am looking for any and all ideas to solve the problem!!! Steve Florko NCPS,NCSD,NCDS,WSSD,WSWD Application Development

When we had a problem similar to this, we specified a multi-drawer printer. Then we modified the code to detect the problem situation and when it happened, instructed the printer to feed paper from the second (or third) drawer. The printer cost extra but it did solve the problem. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hello Steve, We’ve run into this situation a number of times. Have you looked at “Reform” yet? It’s listed as some sort of “add-on product” on the Navision website (in the partner area). I’ve also used a package called “CheckFactory” from a company called TransMicro. They don’t have a specific Navision version, but their other versions will work with Navision. Give me a call (937-439-9050) and I’ll give you some particulars on this product. Regards, Mark Keener Mark Keener Automated Number Crunching Dayton, OH USA

Hi Steve LaserNet can and will solve your problem. Please look for further information on this link: