Printing Locally On Citrix Metaframe

I’m based in France and I connect to one of our subsidiary in Belgium. Can I print a Navision report on my network printer (in France) from a remote citrix connection ? If such a thing is possible, how do I set up this printer in Citrix (and Navision too??)

Yes, i think it is possible. You need to share your local printer then install the printer on the citrix server. Normally, you could see the printer which are on the server through your remote session.

I agree with Lessi, this could be done. True story from life: I have a server in Sweden. The branch office in the Netherlands occationally got their payment journals printed in another branch office in Denmark, by mistake. As Lessi points out, you should manually create the printer on the Citrix server. And of course both branches must be connected. Next question: Do you get the same printing functionality using W2K terminal services without Citrix? In preformance W2K TS is up to Citrix Metaframe, but what about features? Pelle

In a Windows2000 TS environment, printers locally installed (LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3) on the client will be autocreated. The driver used on the client must be a win2000 driver, otherwise TS cannot create the printer. (Other printerdrivers can be mapped but is more complicated). So yes Tarek, you should be able to print in Navision in Citrix. You do not have to install the printer on the Citrix server. Regarding TS vs Citrix, Citrix can autocreate network printers as well, as TS cannot. In Citrix you can turn off autocreation of printers or choose to only map the default printer. Regards Fredrik

Hi Fredrik,


(Other printerdrivers can be mapped but is more complicated).

Can you pls. specify the steps/issues involved in the abov case?[?]