Printing landscape

When we design a report to print in landscape format, and make the left margin 1(minimum), even then all the fields do not fit. Customer would not like to see numeric data on two lines. Is it possible, like in Excel, to print on next sheet of paper, if the columns to be printed go beyong the right margin of the page? Please advise. Thanks. Pari Somasundaram.

There is no feature within Navision to support this. You would either have to code the reporting to do this yourself (I suspect rather time consuming), use a printer with a driver that would manage this for you (not easy to find, but possible), or print your report in Preview Mode, save it as an HTML file, import it into Excel, then use the Excel feature you describe (note you would have to define the paper width as “wide enough” for this suggestion to work). Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2002 Jul 06 04:55:11