Printing invoices with zero quantity

We are switching to Navision in the coming months. We are working out the kinks. On our current system when we print invoices we are able to print products with zero quantity on the invoice. Navision considers this to be a backorder. The nature of our customers makes backordering useless so we do not. We do show them what was not sent on there invoices. Anyone have any thoughts on how to make this work in Navision?

4.0 SP1 prints the sales invoice lines where quantity is zero. You must have a modification

In fact, this has always been the case, back to version 2.00. When you post an invoice from a sales order, all order lines get copied to both shipment and invoice, and get printed despite the zero quantity. You must have some kind customization in that area. If you are invoicing from the “Invoice” form, the zero quantity lines get transfered aswell, without generating any stock entries. Saludos Nils