Printing Invoices from an Excel Spreadsheet

Hello, I am trying to print a huge list of invoices from an Excel Spreadsheet. Currently, I am printing one by one through the option: Accounts Receivable → Inquiries → Journal → Invoices.

Is there any possible way I can perhaps take the list of invoices that I have on my Excel Spreadsheet, put that information into the Axapta program, and print all of them at once?

Any help would be immeasurably appreciated!!! Thank you so much

I can think of a better way, but it’s far from automatic.

You can use Filter by Grid (Ctrl + G) on the Invoice journal form. You can enter multiple Invoice numbers in the Filter if you separate each with a comma. e.g.


If you have the invoice numbers in Excel, you can get Excel to help you. For example, create a column next to the column that contains the Invoice number. In this new column, get Excel to put a comma after every invoice number.

Now you need to get those invoice numbers with commas into a line. You could use Copy → Paste → Transpose, or maybe you could copy to a text editor and get it to remove all the carriage return/line feed characters.

If you use the Transpose method, copy the invoice numbers in to a text editor and remove all the spaces.

Now you have a list of invoice numbers with commas like I have written above. Now you can paste this into the Filter in AX. Then you can select multiple invoices and print them all at once. You might have to use (and configure) Preview/Print → ‘Use print management’ to get them onto a real printer, otherwise I think they’ll will all open on screen first.

Also note, there is a limit to the number of characters you can enter in an AX filter box. You’ll have to work out how many invoices you can actually filter at once, and do them in chunks.

Thank you so much for your help!! I am currently researching the print management function you mentioned. Because right now I am opening each invoice in a separate screen before I print them. And if I have 2 invoices highlighted, 2 screens show up.

At A/R → Setup → Forms → Form setup → Print management, expand ‘Customer invoice’. Click on ‘Original’. Make a note of what the ‘Destination’ is. Hit the arrow to the right and choose ‘Printer setup’. Pick the printer you want the invoices to print to. Close the Print Management form.

Now you can print both invoices directly to the printer by choosing the ‘Use print management’ option.

But this may affect how normal, day to day invoices print, so be sure to put the setting back when you’re done!

I followed those instructions, clicked Print Management and am looking at this screen titled ‘Order print management’. I am not sure how to do expand ‘Customer Invoice’…

I tried changing the ‘1’ in cell (Invoice, Originals) to ‘5’ hoping it would allow me to open 5 invoices under the same window, but that did not work…

Is this for Axapta 3?

Do you have a problem when printing to printer / file?

Increasing number of copies doesn’t sound like something that could help you.

Hi, thank you for your response. Yes, this is Axapta 3 (Just looked it up).

What I currently can do is open up invoices one at a time, and from there, print them out. I can also transpose my excel list of invoice numbers horizontally and I can input a certain number of invoices into the system. Afterwards, the system can show those invoices in a list. I can also highlight all the invoices in that list - however, it still can only open one invoice per window when I go to ‘Show’ → Original Print.

I think what Guy Terry was trying to help me to do was to be able to print all of the highlighted invoices at once, without having to open up multiple windows. I am stuck on the ‘Order Print Management’ screen though. I do not know how to take the next step, which, according to Guy Terry is to expand ‘Customer Invoice’.

Would you happen to know how to solve this issue?

Thank you so much!

Forget Print Management, I did not realise we were talking about AX3!

From the Invoice journal form, does Show → ‘Original print’ give you what you want?

When I click ‘Original print’, a new window pops up for every invoice that is highlighted. From there, I am able to print invoices one by one.

If I highlight multiple invoices, let’s say 5, and click Original Print, 5 separate windows would come up.

Is there a way for only 1 window to come up, containing all the highlighted invoices (and print from there)? Or if after highlighting the invoices, that it can go straight to printing without having to first open up separate windows before being able to print?

Thank you so much again, I appreciate it very much.

In later versions of AX, ‘Original print’ is replaced by ‘Use print management’, and you can define a printer to which the report will print directly. I don’t know of a solution for you in AX3. Sorry!

Oh I see… I just realized how old the program is, designed for Windows XP!!! My goodness.

But thank you so very much for trying to help!!!

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