Printing in Colors?

So now we all know that we can print graphics from Navision with good results. But can we print colors from Navision? If yes how? ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst , webmaster Navision Online User Group Edited by - admin on 4/10/00 7:57:22 PM

Yes, no problem, the color bitmap is printed correctly on color printer

Sure, bitmaps in color are no problem. But text in labels or textboxes comes out in black only, and background colors are not showing in any way either. Anyone who can tell if this is a “feature” intended to be like this, or is there an “undocumented” setting to bypass this behaviour? John

No Navision Financials cannot print colors, and according to Navision Software it is not necessary in an accounting system

Why they do not delete this feature from designer??? It looks strange. We can change colors in designer but cant print… Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.