Printing in Color

Has anyone figured out how to print in color with Navision. The reports look great on preview, but you can’t print out the colors as far as I can tell

The only colors navision prints are the ones on the images… but no others… Regards,

Hi No problem [:D]. Use Excel automation to print in Excel. bye André

Thanks for validating my assumption! :slight_smile: So I guess this is a Navision “feature” then!

And an “undocumented” one at that!

I’ve used various versions of Navision since 1997 (from GB Version 1.10) and as far as I know, it’s never printed in colour and probably never will! Actually I retract the last part of that sentence because I wonder if due to the take over by Microsoft, we will see colour in the newer versions!?!? Anyone have any ideas? I like the idea of Excel automation Andre [:)]



Originally posted by CMDunbar
… I like the idea of Excel automation Andre [:)]

Unfortunately it isn’t useful to create an automation for each report [:(]. But it makes sense for some reports (especially for the management [8D]) e.g. P/L or Liquidity report. Even though I hope to see never red figures there [:D]. bye André