Printing Employee Labels with Avery Label Sheets

I am using the Employee Label Report #5200. I am trying to print with Avery labels and they don’t line up right. Does anyone know which Avery label to buy to use with Navision??

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

Had the same issue with customer labels and could source labels locally to match the sizes given. Had to modify the report in the end. I thought at the the that they were US measurement but obviously not [:S]

Thanks. I finally wound up modifying the report to print the labels.

Hi lovejazz

I see that you were able to change the pgm for the labels printing. Please let me know why I could not change the property (VertGrid or BottomMargin). The distance between the last line and the first line of the second label is too big so I want to change the value on VertGrid . Am I changing at the right place?




I didn’t mess with either of those values you mentioned. I just moved the fields around and the section height of the print line. Basically all the report is - is one section with 3 lines of print. Name, Address, City-state-zip all on the same third line. No headings, footers, etc…

Good luck,