Printing E-ship UPS labels on Citrix


My client got a new Citrix server and we cannot get the Thermal printer to print the UPS labels from E-Ship anymore. The labels keep printing on the Okidata dot matrix printer that they also have. They are connected via Citrix. They have UPS World Ship running on that workstation and those labels print properly to the Termal printer so I know it’s not the printer.

Lanham has not been much help. They keep telling me it’s a Citrix issue. The client’s network people keep telling me it’s an E-ship problem. The printer is connected directly to the workstation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A few things to note. 1 Citrix works with windows printers only (meaning having windows printer drivers); 2. Lanham doesn’t use windows printers. It generates the prn file and copies it to LTP1 port. So What is LTP1 port on citrix when the lanham does that?

The thermal label printer is on LPT3. I have set it that way in the packing station and now the label doesn’t print anywhere. The okidata is on LPT1 so when I change the packing station to LPT1, the labels print on the okidata.

I would try and connect the thermal label on citrix box directly and try to print. What the packing station does is that it creates a .bat file and inside it has this command copy filename.prn LTP1

Well, the latest thing we tried was to use the “type” command in DOS to see if it goes to that port. It doesn’t. Apparently, e-ship just uses a DOS command to send the label to the printer port. When I sent it to LPT3, which is where the thermal printer is, I get an error. When I send the “type” command to LPT1, it prints on the Okidata that is connected to LPT1.

Lanham says they can’t use E-ship and Worldship on the same printer. However, the client says they used to do it all the time.