Printing bmp image on report in AX2009

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I have a client requirement that he wants to get the image of consumer to be printed on report .This image is stored in a folder with unique name .The format of immage file is bmp. on some blogs it was written to check The reports tutorial_GraphicsCustBalanceList and Tutorial_sushiInvoice demonstrate how to print images.but i could not see these in my instance of ax2009 were can i get these…

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Why cannot you use the document management and attach the image file to the consumer?

So that you can read it from the Document reference tables.

Have a look at \Reports\PBAPrintGraphicSalesQuotationTable\Designs\ReportDesign1\AutoDesignSpecs\ProgrammableSection(1):Graphic\Methods\loadBitMapFile

for similar kind of implementation.


I need to include bitmap image after each page in ax 2009 reports.

How to do that using x++ methods?

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I see 2 ways to do that:

1-add a bitmap control in the section you want to display image, the company logo in this case, add a datamethod to this control:

display Bitmap companyLogo()
return FormLetter::companyLogo();


CompanyInfo companyInfo = CompanyInfo::find();

return CompanyImage::find(companyInfo.DataAreaId, companyInfo.TableId, companyInfo.RecId).Image;

2-In the image name property, a dialog opens to get the path of your image



Hi Thomas,

Thank u for ur suggession.

But my requirement is quite complex. In my report For eg. I have a report with 5 pages content. After each pages one bitmap image should be added. So that report now contains 10 pages.

Note1: That 5 Different Bitmap images should not in page header,page footer section. It should be visible as in one page. And it’s not a company logo.

Note 2: Bitmap images should be included thorough codes and not by specifying with image name property.



You can try to add a programmable section that displays your image, this section could be triggered each time a new page is created, the problem will be to check when a new page is added, it will be manageable if you use a fetch() method but if not, I have no ideas the following links might help you:

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