Printing bitmaps from NF

Have anyone been able to print graphics from Navision in a higher dpi than 72? Just printing regular BMP’s from Navision looks like something (…). Is it possible to print in 200 dpi? ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Yes. You have to change the resolution of the BMP-file with an appropriate program (for example Paint Shop Pro). Best regards Klaus Hannes

And this will change the way it’s printing as well?

Yes. In Paint Shop Pro you can define the print size directly (strg+s). Best regards Klaus Hannes

What version of PaintShop Pro are you running?

I’ve used version 5.01

Could someone please explain how to increase the resolution of the bitmap, without changing the dimensions? We have the same resolution problem at a customer who wants to print a signature when sending out reports as PDF’s. Generating the PDF isn’t the problem (using printer driver that outputs these), but the size of the picturebox on screen (to show/select the signature bmp) and the picturebox on the report must have the same dimensions to print the picture correctly. But the printed picture is then restricted to the same lousy resolution (72 dpi) as the screen has. Would it i.e. be possible to load a separate blob for the report, using a file with the picture in a better resolution? Anyone experience with this? Sample? Thanks. John

You have to use a program that has this functionality… Paint shop pro 4.0, which I was using didn’t work. Using PhotoShop, or an equivalent program, you can specify the screen resolution in DPI, as well as the image size (canvas size). I took an image that was 3x1 inches (300 dpi) and decreased the resolution to 72dpi and saved it. In navision, loading both into blob fields, the printed image was the same size.

Paint Shop Pro 5 and later works fine as well, and you can download a free 30 days version from the net just to test it. Their web site is here: Link. ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

PaintShop 6 (the current version) does not set the bitmap resolution correctly, unfortunately. But for a workaround, see my post “Printing in hi-res - it can!” a couple of topics below. Made a customer very happy with electronic signatures at 600 dpi. John