Printing Barcodes from Navision Attain

Hello, I’m trying to print a barcode label (code128) from Navision. It is an old printer, so I don’t have a windows driver, so I created a file with the control commands from the printer. The printer is connected to a serial port (COM2). I print the file to COM2. The labelprinter ejects a label but with nothing printed on it. I added an esc-statement and and end-statement to each commanline. Can anybody help me?

a zebra printer?


Remco, you can always ask the guys from computervak,they know how to, they are part of you now, aren’t they? How is life anyway? Gr Peter

A Zebra is cheap and easy. First set it as default printer so You can see the font names in MS Word or something like that. Then use one of Zebras bar code font’s in Navision and You’re done! Probably cheaper than trying to get the old one up and running.


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Thanks Guys for your replies. I already solved the problem myself. Regards, Remco[:)]