Printing barcode fonts

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I need to check if i can do the following in navision .

I need to diplay the barcode font for example IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and not the digital one on the invoice .

Can you give me any hint to implement this project

Hi Jouhayna ,

You can simply add a barcode font to the standard font and use this. There are a number of pitfall though - the font needs to be install on all machines using it. Different barcode standards have different requirement e.g. Code 128 needs a checksum routine, Code 3 of 9 usually needs to be surrounded by ‘*’ e.g. 1000 would be be printed as 1000


first, you need a Barcode-Font. With that Font, you probably also get the instructions, what to do to compute the Barcode String, that you send to your printer.

For the font we are using, you define different sections (up to three), where you add an ASCII-offset to each digit form your Barcode Number to get your Barcode String.

I’ve created a new Table for the different Barcode Types (EAN 8, EAN 13 etc.) where you can store the different values that you need for that computation (e.g. no. of left digits, clear sign).

We use bar code to print part numbers on labels.

First each computer has to have the bar code font installed on the machine or it won’t print the barcode.

Second in the properties of the field you want barcoded you need to put some codes before and after the field name.

Here is an example.

‘!’ + No. + ‘!’

It’s quite easy to do this.

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which printer you are using , Can i use HP or dotmatrix printers ,

because i need to display the barcode in A4 paper and not for labeling such as E-z

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can you give also a hin about the name of barcode font to try to buy it

Hi, any Laser Printer will do (InkJet should work as well).

We are using the font of this guy:

The site seems to be only in German, but if you click Shop, you get an e-mail adress, in case you need assistance in English.

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thank you all , it’s solved , with your help .