Printing Barcode 128 With Navibar Problem

Hi to all, I have a problem that is driving me a little bit crazy!!! I am using Navibar to create bmp’s with Code 128 barcodes in order to print them in a Navision 4 SP2 report.I am creating the bmp’s using the command below: ‘C:\Barcode\Navibar.exe 1313158XL{14{220{70{C:\Barcode\Test.bmp’ The problem is that the bmp’s themselves are being scanned perfect when printed through a Word file or an image control through a Navision Report, but they somehow becoming unreadable when they are being printed through a picturebox control via a Navision report.I have stored the same bmp in a BLOB file and called it through a picturebox on a report but still with no succes in scanning.I need to point out that the barcodes are printing, but i believe that they aren’t printing in the correct dimensions (something that I have already measured!!!).So I don’t understand why the SAME bmp file that I print through Word scans OK but the SAME bmp file when I am printing it using a picturebox with Navision doesn’t! My guess is that the picturebox somehow alters the overall dimensions of the bmp file thus resulting in a different print than the original file. Is there any way that I can adjust the picturebox not to make any conversion at the original picture??? Can I use any other control (or trick?) with which I could print a bmp to a report (I guess not…!!!) ??? Isn’t there anyone out there that is printing Code128 barcodes with Navibar through a Navision report??? I am in desperate need of help so any suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you in advance…

Finally, I had no luck with the picturebox and navibar. So I have started to test alternative solutions. The least time consuming and easy to implement alongside with my previous implementations is the one that offers a company named Tec-IT. They offer a solution similar to Navibar at very good price and with excellent results.For all of you that you want to take a look follow the link below: … fault.aspx Consider This Topic Closed!!!

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Sorry, I met a similar problem. But as your recommended link is broken( … fault.aspx is incomplete), so I cannot figure out this code 128 barcode printing issue.

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Check this link