Printing Bar Codes on reports

We would like to print bar codes (code 39) on some of our report. The report will be printing on a HP laserjet printer. ALso , the bar code must be readable form a reader. Is this possible? Do we need to have the font or does need to be programmed? My NSC doesn’t know how to do this and they are asking us to find the font that prints on a laser printer and is readable with a bar code reader. Thanks,

Sure it’s easy. Download the BC C39 3 to 1 Narrow (TrueType) font. Http:// Install font on any PC that will print the report. When adding your barcoded field to a report put it between ‘s ex. If your item# is 1234 it should be set to print on the report as 1234 (obviously set to use the barcode font) ------->’’+Item.‘No’+’*’ Your NSC doesn’t know how to do it?

No and it’s a bit frustating since it’s not the first time I have research if things can be done. That’s one of the reason why we are changing NSC!!! Thanks for help!

If you search the forum for: “Bar Code Printing” there is a post by: sjagjeet 2003 Sep 18 that has much info


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… you can use my barcode-program to generate a barcode-bmp-file which you import into a pciture-field and print. At least it is possible to generate up to 24 different barcode-types. It is fast and free of charge. Ralph [:D]

In this case, I think this would be overkill? It is as simple as HR says. Install the Font (Check the copyright on any font you download) on any computer which prints the report and change the Font of the Text on the Report. There is encoding with most Bar Code Fonts, but 3of9 is easy. [:)] You are probably correct in questioning any NSC which can’t give you an answer on this (Or any NSC that makes you research answers like this). Good Luck.