Printing Account Schedules NAV 2013

Hi I am trying to print an account schedule that I have set up - it shows my revenue statement.

The columns cannot all fit on one page, even in landscape mode. This is mainly because the column description is much too wide. Is there a way I can make it automatically adjust based on the information it contains? Right now it’s twice as wide as the any line of content in it.

My next question is can I manipulate the look of the account schedule in terms of adding a header with company logo, or do I have to build a report for that? I don’t have access to the developer environment just yet.

Hi Gabrielle,

Welcome to the user group :slight_smile:

Have you considered exporting to Excel and do your changes there?

Because otherwise there is not much you can do without access to the development environment.

Thanks Erik,

I have, the only thing is NAV simply erases all formatting on every subsequent export. No one will want to keep reformatting the documents every time they want to print it.

I will try linking it to another spreadsheet so the formatting can stay.

If that’s not ideal, then I’ll suggest that you contact a NAV developer, to hear what it would take to make the changes when exporting.

Or do as you suggest: Just use the exported file as your data storrage and then reference it from your Excel file holding the layouts.

Hello Erik I am back again with this issue. I finally got access to the development environment. The report I am editing is Report 25 - Account Schedule. I made a copy of this report so that I can change it around and test it.

When I run a print preview the account schedule from NAV, the description column is much too wide. None of the descriptions are so wide that they would stretch the column so much. I assumed it corresponded to the Acc Schedule Line Desc down to the bottom, in the last table but changing the width in the report does nothing.

I also have another issue. The values in two of the columns are being truncated and rounding to the nearest thousand. So for example, $4,000,000 will show as $4,000.

I am using the excel solution temporarily but ultimately the reports need to come straight from NAV.

I found this post :

“The modifications to the Account Schedule Report to allow for more columns on one page is easy (now that I’ve figured it out! LOL!). Change the report layout to landscape and extend out the report body area (around the tablix) to the fullest width possible. To fit 13 columns, I also had to reduce the font, the margins, and decrease the description column.”

My question is, how can I do the things in bold?