I would like to know how the AX printer driver manages / uses.
Concrete problem:
Client has a local printer. Windows test page comes out clean on the A4 page.5432.Druckereinstellungen.jpg
A particular document from the AX refers to a “Letter” size …


I have now deleted everything already locally and on the printer to information, so that the printer is “really” only have to know the size of A4.
In AX but the standard sizes appear again all on with …
It can not permanently set to A4.
Attracts and manages the AX the printer driver itself (ie, profile-related)? I hold actually illogical. For a test on another client with a local printer ran without problems. Say the phrase was clean on A4 (automatic).
So got to be a local client problem …
Does anyone can a tip or idea where there still may find / set it / deposit? I am beginning to despair it.
Thank you for ideas and help.