Printer Problem

Hi, you’re implementing a solution using Attain 4.00 and we have this problem. some reports must be printed without request form (and this isn’t a problem) to a printer that must be NOT installed in the user pc, even if it’s a shared network printer. For example, when an user of the purchase office confirms an order, a report must be immediatly printed to the warehouse printer, that the user CAN’T “see” and use. The operating system is Windows XP. The only solution we found is not to print the report immediatly but create a print request that will be processed by an automation server, that has access to all the printer. Anyone has better solutions? Ideas for how to configure printers to solve this problem? Thank you very much Ilaria

I think this need to be removed from the developer forum to the …???.. well maybe to a windows forum somewhere. I htink what you are looking for here is printer security, you need to set up the printer so that the FIN.EXE task has direct permissiont to use the device (printer), but the logged in use does not. The only way I can see doing this “IN” navision is as you said, sending th etask to a remote queue, but hten how will Navision know about paper size etc? You need to search the web for a pritner driver that will handle this.