Printer output bin

Does anyone know a method of selecting the output bin of a printer? Is this even possible?

I can use the CurrReport.PAPERSOURCE function to print from (source) paper bin, but I can’t find any documentation on selecting the output bin. With this command I can print the documents from the paperbins I need, but they are all sent to the same output bin.

Out customer is working with NAV2009SP1 with a HP4015 printer.

Read this:

pay attention to :
PaperSourceFirstPage Property and PaperSourceOtherPages Property:

trial & error to figure out your printers’ tray #'s

I know the PAPERSOURCE function. This was very usefull to locate the papersource tray. There was no need to trail & error the trays though, a small tool called findtrays did the job.

However, with this function you can manage the papersource trays, not the paper output trays. This is where my problem is. To be more clear I’ll explain the situation:

My client has a printer which contains 4 paper trays. In the first tray, standard white paper (with a logo) is used for printing invoices. The second tray contains yellow paper and the third contains pink paper. Both tray 2 and 3 are used for copies.

Now I have created a report which prints the original from the first trays and prints copies using tray 2 and 3. This works fine using this command.

The problem my client has, is that this printer also has serveral output trays but all prints are put in the first output tray regardless of its paper source tray. So the question is, is it possible to send a command in a report to have the printer use the correct output trays?

Oh, output trays…I’ve personally never seen or heard any Nav discussions regarding controlling a printers output trays.

Most times I’ve used this I was just happy to get the report to use the correct paper tray, how/where it came out of the printer was never a concern. Good luck on your search

I have not had this particular problem but i have seen a solution of selecting source tray that might be applicable also on output tray.

I am in no way printer setup expert and did not set it up myself but i’ll try to explain how it was done.

On the computer that run the client (or at a printer server sharing printers) several printers where setup but they all actually pointed to same printer with the only difference that each was configured to print from a different source trays. So mayby the same thing can be done for your problem of choosing output trays.

If you have 3 output trays then setup 3 similar printers on the computer with different setting and name them like:

XX12345 First output tray
XX12345 Second output tray
XX12345 Third output tray

For NAV it will seem you have 3 different printers to choose from.