Printer escape codes from reports - how to?

In reports, has anyone sent printer escape codes to a laser printer to allow printing of predefined printer overlays? If so, how?

Hi, On some printers this works: Create 2 Variables Chr [Char] EscSeq [Text [20]] OnPreReport() Chr := 27; // Esc EscSeq[1] := Chr; EscSeq := EscSeq + ‘&a3Q’; Place a Textbox on the first section with the SourceExp = ExcSeq.

Thanks for the idea, Claus. I actually tried that, but it doesn’t work. It appears that Windows printer drivers alter the escape sequences into printable characters rather than recognizing them as special printer codes (including generic printer drivers). I was wondering if there was possible solution in using a Shell function, perhaps call an external OCX, etc… in the OnPreDataItem trigger that might be able to set what I need?

There is a company who have specialized in developing printer drivers to do just this (and much more). The only problem is that I don’t remember what the name of this company is. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Paul - I can see that You are located in Canada. The closest to you, that I know of if Capella Tech in Irvine, CA ( Also You can check out //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

An example of how this can be done in VB is at: If the equivalent can be done in C/AL, (or a C/AL, VB combo), any Navi gurus care to take a crack at it and post? much obliged, Paul