Print twice

Hello I need to print invoices twice like discribed below: If there is 2 pages in 1 invoice , I would like to print twice the first page and then twice the second page . It is working well if I write 2 copies in the printer window. But if I don’t want to go threw the printer window (FALSE) how can I manage? Thanks in advance Jack

In Navision 3.01, and probably in many versions before, report 206 (Sales - Invoice) contains a global variable called NoOfCopies. The value of this variable can be set from the request form, which in your case isn’t enough. To allow this value to be set from code, define a function in report 206 (e.g. SetNoofCopies), which accepts one parameter (I’ve named it NoOfCopies2) of the integer type. In the function, assign the value of parameter NoOfCopies2 to the global variable NoOfCopies. The call that runs the report should now be preceded by a call to SetNoOfCopies, thus giving you the ability to set this value before the report runs, even if the request form won’t be displayed. Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands

Yes but the problem is that if there is more than 1 page in the invoce (lets say 2 pages) and if I want to print the invoice twice, it prints page 1 and page 2 for the first copy then page 1 and page 2 for the second copy. I want to print page 1 twice then page 2 twice (page 1 of copy 1 then page 1 of copy 2 then page 2 of copy 1 then page2 of copy 2) Is there any way to do it like this? Threw the printer window of windows , if I write 2 copies , it is working like I want. Thanks in advance for your help Jack

What about to install a new windows printer (a new instance of your printer) with 2 copies in its configuration and then use it as your default printer for invoices (printer selection). Regards

Thanks for your suggestion Jesus , the simple thinks are sometime the best . Your solution is ok for me. So long Jack

My compliments to you, Jesus. That was very clever (simple that works = clever). Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner