Print to PDF and send out to contact

hey Guys,

We currently have Navision installed, and when we need to print out to pdf we use pdfmachine (ultimate version), in the pdf machine we click on send and it opens the outlook compose window and asks you to insert the address… then you would have to go back to Navision, check the contact, go to contacts, find him, get the appropriate email address and insert it in Outlook…

This isnot a problem if you do it once a day maybe… but our accountind department sends sometimes over 30 emails per day and we need to have this somehow in a more effective way…

I am trying to find a way to have pdfmachine read from Navision what exactly is the document type (offer, invoice, proforma…) and accordingly choose the appropriate address type (accounting email, purchasing email…) and have it auto-filled in the “to:” field in Outlook compose…

Has anyone done this before? is it doable?

Check this blog

with this we can automatically attach the pdf to mail and send to e-mail id of vendor in document…

Hi ,

If you are using classic, you can do this with some coding and PDFCreator…


I will give it a shot in a bit, we don’t use the role tailored client, I will try and see if this makes a difference… and if moving to role tailored client is a problem for us (what is the difference anyway? should be linked to same database right?)

Can you please elaborate on that?

am guessing something in the sorts of

if object type = offer

then address = whatever email address for purchasing


if object type = invoice

then address = accounting email adress

something of that sort… right? but I don’t know how to write the code myself…well thing is I just met Navision last week! (new job, Navision already installed and running and I need to do this performance upgrade)

Hi ,

THE RTC has different functions then the Classic. If you search the forum you will see examples.

So it does make a difference especially with printing and reporting .

If you are using classic, you need to code and use a pdf printer.

here is one example :



Yup ,let me clarify, I dont know the pdfmachine tool…

If you want to email from NAV , you have standard tools and codeuints that can open outlook and attach files etc.

You may as well just print to this pdf printer then manually email it.

IF you want to do it massive or automatic way you probably want to follow the approach I sent prevously (that is one example).

Learning coding is going to take a bit longer :slight_smile: . IF you are not sure then ask your partner or get a freelancer , there are plenty around here :slight_smile: .


“and if moving to role tailored client is a problem for us (what is the difference anyway? should be linked to same database right?)”

Don’t take this the wrong way, but that right there means you need to get in touch with your NAV Partner. I understand it’s a new job, you want to make a good first impression with your first project, and all that. I’ve been there. Your employer should not expect someone who has no training on the system, be it functional or technical, to assess the cans and can nots of a large ERP system. Your license may not even permit you to write the code. Guidance from your NAV Partner is important here.

To answer the question, yes NAV can print PDFs, attach them to emails, and open or send that email. I am not familiar with PDFMachine so I don’t know if you can use it within NAV. You’d have to read up on the documentation for that product to see what integration options it allows.

I would ask your company to get you access to CustomerSource. Assuming they are paying their yearly maintenance fee you will be able to find all functional and technical documentation there. It’s a great place to start if you are going to be doing this type of work.

I’m not sure if you’re looking to purchase a product for this, but I developed an add-on that does what you’re looking for. Information is available at

check this post also

As a first test I am trying this link here (since we use the classic client currently)

What am I doing wrong here? I clicked tools, design, then file , import, imported the downloaded .fob file … it said there are conflicting versions i chose to import workbooks and replaced all… the button is still not there! I did install PDF creator as well since it needs it…

any ideas?


Your license may not include authorization for those objects.

What license do you use?


What part of thelicense info should I search for?

We have prudct line : Microsoft dynamics NAV business ready

product edition: advanced management

is that what you’re looking for?

I guess this is an end user license, wonder if you are having access for the codeunit you imported in . Probably the objects you imported are not part of your license.


Well when I go to the codeunit part and click on mail (oneof the objects, i cannot even find the other two), and if I click on design (on the mail codeunit object) , it givesme an error that I dont have permission and should contact my systems administrator

I went to the bathroom and talked to my reflection in the mirror but didnt help :frowning:

Yup, as expected , you dont have authorizations for such codeuints.

Just as mentioned before you need to speak with your Microsoft partner.


So does this mean I can not find a solution to directly print to pdf and have it sent by Outlook to relevant contact? (except for calling the provider and changing license type that is)

The simple answer is yes, the the complex is that Not necesseraly, but with this much information it seems we are not able to identfiy what to do.


what more info do you need?

What objects (ranges) does you license contain.

then you want to ensure you have authorizations for the imported sample objects.

then you would be good to go.