print table

I want a report to print a table of 6 columns and 60 rows with column values as column headers. if i design this in header section , it is not showing more than 30 rows in print preview. but i want to display entire table. how?

you mean only 30 rows printing in the report?

did you check secong page?

can you the screenshot of preview?

i mean it is showing only 30 rows in 1 page, after that page ends, i mean the page bottom is reached. i want to know if there is any property to show the remaining 30 rows in the next page

there is no preoperty like that…

if you have records in your table then it will automatically prints data in second page…(depends upon your logic of report.)

no i am printing an empty table without any records.

If there are no records what are you expecting to print?

And for what you want to print an empty table.