Print sum of "real" line Discounts

Hey Experts!

We use Navision (Foodvision) since January 2008. I got a small instruction how to change Reports & Forms… Now i am at a point where my little knowledge doesnt help anymore.

Prob: Our Customers get a lot of Line Discounts. (wasnt able to convince our sales-dep to dispose them)! If a customer gets a discount of 10% it should allways print the 10%. Prob is that the system rounds the amount on whole cents and then recalculates the real given discount.


1,11 € / kg → 10% Discount → 0,999€ → system rounds on 1,- € (which is ok so far)


--------> Now it seems to calc back → If 1,11€ is the original amount and 1,-€ is the discounted amount, we just gave a line discount of 9,90990990990991%

--------> Printed Discount will be 9,91 %

How can i convince NV to print the discounts of the “Line Discount Sequences”? We also give more than one discount on products. So it should just sum the available “base” discounts".

Thanks in advance,