print size of bmps in image-boxes

I have to insert some bitmaps in a report, does someone know why navision prints bitmaps of the same pixelsize in completely different sizes on my report-paper. (for example one bitmap with 165pixel width prints 1.5cm, another bitmap of only 24pixel width has 1 cm of printed size and has therefor a very low resolution and it is not possible to read the things written on it). Both bitmaps were saved with paintshoppro, bmp, windows, rgb-encoded (the second option is run length encoded), I also tried different color-depths - thank you - ?

You have played with the size of the picture boxes, haven’t you? I’ve created a graphic in a customer database of ours that is a pretty high resolution and it resizes fine with the picture box. The other thing is Navision doesn’t use the best resolution for .bmp files for some reason. There’s a nifty download in the “Download Database” section on this site that contains a .bmp resolution modification database that will clean up your graphics very well. Try using that and see how things look after that. You may need to create larger graphics, as well. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

It has been discussed before, but the topic comes back regularly. The whole issue here is the resolution setting of the bitmap. If no resolution is set, Navision assumes it’s in screen resolution, approx. 75 DPI (dots per inch). When printed, this will surely look very ugly as the printer is having a much higher resolution and will fill in the “missing points”. So what to do? Your picture should have enough pixels to fill the highest resolution (300 DPI will do in most cases for crispy printing). And, of course, have the resolution set accordingly. Two solutions are possible. 1) Get the BMP Resolution convertor from the download section on this forum (thanks for your friendly words, Kristopher :slight_smile: ), which can set the resolution for you. 2) Get yourself a copy of the powerful graphics program Paint Shop Pro 7 (shareware - see for free trial copies), which has a Resize function that allows you to specify the real world size of the picture. Then save it as BMP with RLE compression. John

John, just a comment. I used Corel Draw to design logos, and export them into the BMP format, with or without the RLE compression. I found that Navision sometimes generates a GPF and dies when you try to “calcfields” a RLE-compressed bitmap. Alex

Alex, This could be related to the way Corel Draw is encoding the bmp. Believe to have read somewhere, long ago, that some versions of Corel are not reliable in this, or not sticking to the standards in full. Details have slipped from memory, though. Sorry, but I don’t have Corel experience - my needs for drawing/designing can be fulfilled with Paint Shop easily (most of the time we just scan the logo’s and brush it up) :slight_smile: John