Print Several Invoices in a Single Invoice


I have following problem.

  1. Items are sold to multiple customers in a Lot. [Lot is newly added field.]

  2. lets say 20 sales are made keeping the “Lot no” same for all sales.

  3. When Invoice is printed then I need a summarized Invoice of 20 Sales in a single Invoice.

Is there a way to do this ?

IS your sales order is different or single for different lot no ???

Client does not use sales order. For all sales Directly sales Invoice is used.
There are several sales Invoices for different customers which have same Lot no.
By filtering from Lot No, A Single sales invoice is required, summarizing all the sales.

Did you see Item Tracing form under Manufacturing–>history–>Item Tracing…

Give your lot no. and trace it

You can print the documents in this form…

Posted Sales Invoice ->Print → Lot No ->‘12345’

This prints the multiple sales invoices.

What i want to achieve is to print all sales Invoice having ‘Lot No’->12345 into a single Invoice, summarizing all the totals.

PS: ‘Lot No’ is a customized filed added later not the one already present in NAV.

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It would have been better if you use standard functionality of Navision for lot no so you can print Multiple lot no invoice in single invoice.

Hi, This is what exactly I want to Achieve. In want a report equivalent to this SQL Query
SELECT SUM([NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line].Quantity) AS [Total items Sold in this Lot],
SUM([NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line].[Demanded Quantity]) AS [Total Items demanded for this Lot],
SUM([NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line].[Remaining Quantity]) AS [Remaining items to be Sold],
[NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line].No_
FROM [NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Header] INNER JOIN
[NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line] ON
[NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Header].No_ = [NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line].[Document No_]
WHERE ([NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Header].LotNo = @LotNo)
GROUP BY [NAV_Test_DB$Sales Invoice Line].No_

Which produced this Result.

@lotNo = 22

Total items Sold in this Lot | Total Items demanded for this Lot | Remaining items to be Sold | Item Code

300.00 | 480.00 | 180.00 |ITM-00002

300.00 | 400.00 | 100.00 |ITM-00003

200.00 | 500.00 | 300.00 |ITM-00004

Thanks and regards