print report to pdf : size problem

hello, I’ve created a few reports for the axapta users which look fine when printed to a printer. BUT when there get printed to a pdf file, not all the information is printed to the file. (the page is A4 just like with the printer, but less columns are printed on the page (the rest of the columns isn’t printed, it’s like they just didn’t fit on the page) Anybody know of a solution? thx in advance, Kathleen

Well, the easiest thing to do would be to increase the margins of the design of your report. Then all the information would fit. But less of it would be on one page.

I don’t think this will do the trick, because they look fine on the screen and they look fine if you print them to a printer. It’s only when you print them to pdf that not all the information fits on the pdf pages. Should I set settings for the printing? Now my code looks like : Args aa; ReportRun rep; str l_fileName; ; aa=new args(“myInventSum”); rep = new ReportRun(aa); rep.printJobSettings().setTarget(PrintMedium::File); rep.printJobSettings().Format(PrintFormat::PDF); rep.printJobSettings().fileName(“c:\myInvent_today.pdf”);; Suggestions? thx in advance, Kathleen