Print quantity of items required open for Sales Order

Hi all,

I want to print a report where I can see the information of all the raw materials (Items) that are needed, its inventory quantity and the quantity needed(quantity that I have to purchase) that are up for all the Sales Order. Its hard specifically in the case of the BOM materials.

I use Planning worksheet to check the quantity but what it does is, it shows me the material required for just one item. I want the total quantity of raw material for all the Items that are on Sales order. There are many BOM items where the raw materials used are same. So, in planning worksheet, I have to finally add all those quantity which is really time consuming.

Please inform me which is the report for that. I am sure Microsoft must have created some report for that but I am unable to find it.

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You might need to create new Report based on your requirement.

We always can not sure that Product vendor gives us everything which required .


From my opinion it’s good to have minmax calculation. To have this function you must talk with programmers. With this function you can define minmax for items, also you can setup automatically process which will check stock qty and automatically create purchase order for vendors. Also when you create sales order and if you haven’t item on stock system can create purchase request.