Print purchase order in portrait mode

Dear all

I print the PO documsent with the paper size 8.5 x 5.5 ( half letter paper size). i already set it in portrait mode, but after print out to paper it is in landscape mode. i also already set the paper size in SSRS report (8,5 x 5,5). it’s also same print in landscape mode.

What should i do ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Rudy,

Try changing the print management settings from AP=> Setup=> Forms=> Form setup and print using this.

Hi, already try. but still same issue.

I have the same problem and also did what Kiran Kumar Bommana said, I thought that It wont work but after reinstalling the application all works fine. Try to do so.

Sama mas, saya juga lagi pusing gimana caranaya setting ssrs half papper dengan Pre-printed di Epson LX-300, pernah coba belum mas?

Dear Adityo, thank you for your contribution but could you please translate your reply to English?