Print Problems in 3.6

We recently upgraded from 2.01b to 3.6. Since the upgrade we are having intermittent print problems. Here are the details, we are printing a delivery ticket to an Okidata 320 Turbo Dot Matrix printer. About 1/2 the time the description prints and the rest of the time it does not. There are no error messages generated. I have downloaded the latest driver from Okidata. We are using an XP workstation, going thru Citrix on a W2K Server. The correct drivers have been applied everywhere. This just started happening since the upgrade. We can print the same form to a laser printer just fine. However, these are multi-part forms so we must use the matrix printer. The field in question is merely a text field.

When Printing, you may not close the Citrixline until Printing is complete !!

That is not correct, the spooled job will still complete regardless of the Citrix connection status. However, we resolved the problem by attaching the printer directly to a client machine and bypassing Citrix entirely.