Print Preview Download Issue

This is a recent development for one of my users; she had this capability.

User can open document in Preview. She cannot download the document b/c those options do not display for her.

Attached is a screenshot to show how it normally works with the items/options circled in Red that she cannot see.

What document is it? Does it work for other users? And very important, which product NAV or BC and version?

This issue is affecting only 1 user and it’s the SO document.
Using BC SaaS, Version: US Business Central 19.1 (Platform 19.0.31889.34054 + Application 19.1.31886.32222)

Try to change users permissions, to Super (or other extended one) and check if it makes a difference. If yes, recheck users permissions against other users, and check what she is missing.
Also does this happen to all reports or only one specific (possible custom made report) ? If it is customer made, then it is possible some specific permissions for user are needed.

Could it be browser related? Is she using a different web browser?

User has same problem with both Chrome and Edge.