Print PO only with status "Release"

dear all.

I just want to print PO with status released, is there any body can help the solution ?.

thank you

May I know what did you try till now?

Hi Mohana.

I try to change the filter status with “Released” in print menu option. but I dont want to run with this way.

I just want to fix the print PO system, which status “released” only can be print PO.


What about showing an error message when Status in Open?

Check status released before the line :


else give an error/message

Just click on F5 on Purchase Order .Set Filter on Status field as ‘Released’ You will get it …

On the report why not just set the DataItemTableView property to include Status=Released on the Purchase Header Dataitem?

hi Savatage,

thank you it’s work fine now, I just set the Dataitemtableview Properties like what you wrote.

with this system, our purchasing department can only send the PO printed after appoval dan status Released. hope it will be secure for our po.

best regards.