Print pdf on aos printer

here are my questions: Can I print existing pdf files with an aos printer using AX 2009? If so, how?
I have to say that adobe is not installed on the aos, so as far as I know I can’t use WinApi::ShellExecute to print on aos?

Basically I have to print files from the document management with a cover(AX Report) to the fax server.
As I started I thought of 2 ways to get it done:

    1. Add the pdf as image or something like that to the report and print it directly with the aos fax server.
    1. Print the report as pdf, merge the pdf files(cover and document management files) and send them as one file to the printer.

I can merge the files with the pdfone dll but I don’t know how to print that file.

Hi Christian,

I have not tried this myself. But see whether Palle’s post helps -

I tried that before. But i could not solve the problem.

I think WinApi::ShellExecute would work if:

a) It is not an aos printer


b) Adobe or something similar was installed on the aos so it can be executed in a server Method