Print Payroll Remittances to PDF

I am trying to come up with a way to allow the client to print payroll remittances (direct deposit) using a PDF print driver and have each employee’s pay stub print to a different PDF file. The client currently has Adobe Standard 6.0 installed, but if another print driver will work better, they are willing to switch.

Part 2 of the request is to have each pay stub print to a different folder on the drive. For example the root would be C:\Paystubs. The idea is to have a folder structure like C:\Paystubs\Emp001, C:\Paystubs\Emp002, C:\Paystubs\Emp003, etc.

Has anybody run across this type of request before or have any suggestions on how it might be done?


David Hibler
Finley & Cook

I’ve read that you can choose filenames & directories with PDFCreater (Plus It’s Free)

I’ve also read about adding


result:=SHELL(‘C:\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe’,STRSUBSTNO(’/p /h “%1”’,filename));

just substitute “filename” with full path to PDF file and “c:\acrobat\acrobat.exe” to full path to AdobeAcrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

you can create a files name like
filename := ‘c:\paystubs’+“Employee No.”+’’+“SomeAutomatedNameForEachStub”+’.pdf’;

the result should be something like this