Print multiple Invoice into a single screen

Hi All,

I need to merge multiple sales Invoice Report into a single screen. Below is the scenario for the same:
User moves on to the Invoice Journal Form through Accounts Receivable → Inquiries → Journals → Invoice Journal. User selects multiple Journals and click on “Original Preview”. Multiple screens are coming showing the report. Issue with this is:

User wants to club multiple invoice into a single screen. Eg. 3 Invoices are selected. All 3 invoices are coming in different screens and all of them are having 1 page per invoice. As per user, only 1 screen should appear and it should have 3 pages and each Invoice should start on new page.
Multiple screens should be clubbed into a single screen.

Request all to help me out with above scenario.

AX Version: AX 2012 R3

Thanks In Advance.

This is not possible unitl and unless you change the implementation. The way it works now is, Data fills in tmp table for each invoice and open up each instance of the report. If this is a major concern / issue then you definitely have to change the report implementation in order to make it fit for your requirement.