Print Multiple Copies of a Form


We are running NAV 4sp2 and have been using a multi-part form for our shipping documents with an ancient impact printer…well the printer died and i purchased a Dell laser printer to print on carbonless laser paper (pink, white, and yellow are all separate sheets). I would like to set a default somewhere in Navision to print 3 copies of a certain document globally without having to hit each user and change the number of copies. I can set the printer to print 3 copies of every document but it appears that Navision is over riding the driver and printer settings.
Is there a way using the object designer to default a given form to print 3 times?


Hi Tony,

Take a look at how it works for the Sales Invoice report. This report is made so that you both can set a default number of copies, plus an additional number of copies which you set on the customer card.