Print message report when it comes up empty.

At night we run many edit reports and they print automatically. For many they come up empty and nothing get’s printed.

Is there a way in Navision reports where if it’s empty it will still print a title page with some type of message saying the report title and no records selected or something similar so the users won’t wonder if it printed or not or something was wrong with the printer, etc… This would show them that the report printed and it no records were selected.

Thanks in advance,


You could add an integer dataitem, filter it on number=1, and attach a section to it. You could get fancy and add it to the end of the report, and only print it if records were found.

There is no automatic option.

Daniels’ idea to add an Integer Data Item as the last data item sounds good.

Tyr adding a section that only prints if the Page Number is less than 1.