Print management from webservice


I have had our parther to do a modification for us and they can’t seem to get it working so I would like to hear if any of you has an idea.

We are using a third party WMS system there access/updates AX through an webservice. The issue is that when they have picked the sales order we would like to send an email to the customer. The modification has been made so it uses the print management functionality.

The problem is that when I setup the print management system nothing gets through from the webservice. i get the following error: Posting No print management settings are applicable so no document is produced. I’ve setup the print management to send an email with the invoice attached as an pdf. If I create a job within AX and trigger the Sales order invoice claas method then it goes through fine. But from the handheld scanners in our warehouse nothing happens.

The webservice should run in non-client mode and I’ve tried to have the Outlook and auto-click programs openned on the AOS server with the webservice user (which is not the AOS account). The exchange server is setup to allow emails to go through from the AOS servers IP address.

Any idea how I’m going to get this working or what I’m missing?