Print management for consolidated report

Hi ,

I have doubts in print management. For TO → picking list… i want to set a print management.

Only for consolidated report I want to set a print management.

How to achieve this.

Can you please elaborate?

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for reply.

For Normal TO - Picking list → report A is called, which is set in print management

For Consolidate TO - Picking list → report B is called, So I want to create document in print mgnt for consolidated report. How to create separate document for Report B. The issue is, when they are generating report B, they are not able to use print mgnt. So I believe if i create doc for that, it will work. am I right?

If yes, pls help me to create doc in print mgnt

How do you differentiate a consolidated TO, do they manually chose from the print management., this white paper can help you.

Based on WH, they customized to call the consolidated report. For consolidated report WMSpickinglist report is calling. Is it possible to create Print mgnt for this report?

Because it does not have contract class, dont have respected methods in it.

You can implement the print management, look at the white paper which i have posted previously.

The standard has a similar example, for Project invoice(PSAProjInvoice*)

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your reply. I implemented Print management in WMSPickingList. Now the problem is… even if i’m selecting yes/No “Use print management”… all the time it is fetching details from print management and printing accordingly. I want to put condition the that if " “Use print management”.is not checked then report should print on screen , if yes then print on file.

For this , I have to get a InventTransferParmTable record in WMSPickingList. Is it possible?

if not is there any other way? pls help

Hi Frnds,

I have implemented print management. Now I’m facing related issue.

In picking slip form, if i’m not selecting “Use printmgmt destination” , it has to take details from printer setup from same form. Printer setup details from picking list form is not considering when printing report.

If I’m not selecting “Use printmgmt destination”, then always printing on screen… even if I set printer setup as file in picking slip form.

I used below code to run report , if not print mgmt

controller = WMSPickingListReportController::newFromArgs(_args);


Do I need to add any other code, to pass the printer setup ? Pls help

Sorry for late response. Can you look into \Classes\WMSPickingList_OrderPick\initFormLetterReport, for how the print management is handled