print labels

hello, I need to be able to print one adres on a label on a page with 8 labels. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 So I created a report. When opening a report, the user is prompted for the position of the label (1-8) After that a printout is made with the one adres positioned in the correct way. My problem is that if I print on the four bottom labels (5 to 8), I get a blanco page before the actual page with the label (dough it is on the good position) I use one programmable section which I position with the topmargin,Units::cm) or sectionLabel.topmargin(10.4,Units::cm) or sectionLabel.topmargin(17.9,Units::cm) or sectionLabel.topmargin(25.3,Units::cm) Any suggestions to solving this issue? thx, Kathleen

Answer to the problem was using “top” instead of “topmargin”. Kathleen