print job error

when i am going to print report the following error occurs.

Cannot create a record in Print job information (page-level) (PrintJobPages). pageNo: 1.
The record already exists.

can anyone please me out…?

thanks in advance.

Please give us more information. What are you doing, in which version of AX, whether it happens for all users and with all reports, when it started happening and anything what might be important.

Hi Martin

i am doing Multisite Activation in ax 2009,for which i have to run multisite Activation Readiness Report.Usually this report is print on screen but now i am getting above error when i am try to print that report…

I have done this multisite activation on different dev boxes and this report printed correctly but for one box i am getting above error.

Note-Current environment (in which error is occurring) having large data as compared to other dev boxes.