Print in color?

I understand that Navision (at least up to version 4) didn’t have the ability to print colors, but I have been told recently that this limitation has been lifted in later version. If this is true, which version first allowed color printing?

Sorry - Navision native report writer doesn’t support color printing by design in all versions from acient to newest. (despite the amazing fact, that you seem to have the ability to change font’s color in even ver3.xx, when in Report design mode…printouts and previews will still be B/W.)

Color printing is available only if you use some other report writing tools, which access Navision data directly (through CODBC/NODBC with native databases or using third party tools accessing MS SQL Navision database). But this has nothing to do with Navision itself, these are capabilities of third-party tools, not Navision. (SSRS for SQL databases, Crystal Reports and Jet Reports for both Native & SQL, and so on).

You can give the appearance of colour with the inclusion of pictures, the company logo is an example.

I also use a picture of a red line for effect (add Picture 2 to the Company Info).

This is all a bit clumsy but it is what we have. For fancy reports, as Modris says, use 3rd party report writers. This is not always successfult for complex reports but OK for some client facing reports.