Print in AOS didn't use client printer setting

Hi all, I have a problem when printing a report in 3-tier mode and the menu item “RunOn” is “Server”. This is how to reproduce the problem: 1. Create a report with no datasource, one programmable section with a dummy text ‘Test’. 2. Set report’s “Interactive” property to “No” and override fetch function: public boolean fetch() { boolean ret = true; element.execute(1); return ret; } 3. Create an output menuItem with “RunOn” property is set to “Server”. 4. Change the default printer setting, set paper size to small size / large size. I use a custom paper size in the “Server properties…” menu. 5. Run the menuItem. The print preview of the report doesn’t use the printer setting (which has been set in step 4). Now, change the menuItem “RunOn” property to “Client”. When the menuItem is run, then the correct printer setting is used. The question is, how to make the printer setting always use the client PC’s default printer setting? Note that the above problem will not occur after a few minutes running the menuItem that run on server.

Have you solve this problem ? [8D]

Hi Sonny, This is extracted from the AxDvg…Not sure if this is what you are looking for ********************************************************** Printing reports executed on the server Reports executed on the server when running 3-tier, thin client can be printed to printers set up on the client or to printers set up on the server. To control which printers a report executed on the server can be printed on, use these check boxes in the Microsoft Axapta Configuration Utility: On the Server tab page: Allow clients to use printers on the server. The default is no check mark. On the Client tab page: Use printers on the server (only possible if server allows it). The default is no check mark. If both options have a check mark, the print dialog that appears when executing a report on the server will allow the user to select a printer on the client. Otherwise the print dialog will allow the user to select a printer on the client. If a report is generated on the server and printed to a printer on the client, the server makes some calls to the client. These calls are made to get information about the page size, the dimension of the fonts used in the report, and about the size of various strings in the report (for example the column headings). These calls are time consuming, so printing to a printer on the server is the faster solution. In a small company where the server has access to the same network printers as the clients, this could be a good choice. If the Microsoft Axapta Object Server is run by an Application Service Provider, the server will in general not allow clients to use its printers. ********************************************************** Good luck! Dilip