Print Greek characters on reports without having Greek Language module

Hi everybody!

I have a request from my customer to print on their reports for Greece all their data with special Greek characters, they’re not going to buy the Greek Language granule module for their license. So, I’m wondering if any of you have had a similar problem with any language (not necessarily Greek) that could give a good idea on how to solve this. I was thinking on editing the Windows registry to allow the use of these characters but I’m not so sure on how to do it and if it will be a real solution for my problem.

These reports are going to be executed from a NAV on SQL Server instance into NAV clients installed on the users terminals, so if the SQL Server part is something that could alter the possible solution that you were thinking it will be good for you guys to take it into count.

If any of you guys had some sort of experience on this I’ll very glad if you could help me out with this.

Receive many kind regards.

I have a client in London running 3.1 on SQL, they have a German and Spanish office linked to the London server.

They do not seem to have any problem in using and printing local characters but I suspect that all the remote users have a local keyboard and set up in Windows for the local language.

It may all depend on what Windows supports.